Filters don't show children items ... only parents

Let’s say I was outlining a novel. I create a few columns: one for “Location” on the same level as the Chapter Name … and another, “Tags”, where I can assign contexts to sub-items.

My goal here is to be able to filter the outline so I can see what items I need to think about, what items need to be researched, what tasks need to be delegated, etc.

But if I filter for Tag=Research, I get the item on the same line as the tag, and the parent items it belongs to, but NONE of the children items below it.

Or, if I want to filter for London to see all the London scenes, all I get are the top-level lines with the London tag … again, none of the children items that belong to it.

The only workaround I’ve found is to duplicate the tags for every child item. This, as you can see, is cumbersome.

It would be great if OO gave us the option for a filtered view to show children items in addition to the parent items. It would make the app FAR more versatile. Ecco Pro did it … OmniFocus actually does it … why can’t OmniOutliner?

I too have found this limitation frustrating. I can tell you this feature can be found in Ecco Pro, a 90s PIM program. I use Ecco along with Omni Outliner, especially when I need to filter information.

Another frustrating thing about this - as has been pointed out on these forums - is that OmniFocus does this easily. A Perspective in Omnifocus will show parent and child items for a filtered item. I’m not a programmer, but it certainly seems that OmniOutliner should be able to do this as well without too much trouble.