Finally Bought OFftWeb and it’s Awesome

I reached a point in my Windows working situation where schlepping around a MacBook or an iPad was just too hard. But I needed OmniFocus. So I subscribed to the web version.

Oh my, why don’t you make a bigger deal of this? It is fantastic! I have it saved as a pinned tab on my work PC, and it has really supported my productivity.

This web app never seems to be talked about, but it is brilliant.

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From one of my previous posts:

Open OmniFocus Web in Microsoft Edge (Chromium). Click at the … on the right. In the menu navigate to Apps. Click command ‚Install this site as an app‘. Give it a proper name. Then allow adding the ‚app‘ to start and or task list. When you start OmniFocus web with that app icon you won’t have the address line anymore. More like an app.

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