Find all tasks with duration

I would like to search for all tasks either with a

  1. specific duration or
  2. that have a duration assigned

Is this possible? I’m using standard edition.

AFAIK not possible “out of the box” but certainly possible with AppleScript (although that restricts you to MacOS of course and excludes iOS). It would be somewhat inflexible but you could for example write a script that would tag all tasks meeting your duration criteria and then view them a tag based perspective

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True of AppleScript, but not of omniJS JavaScript, as it happens.

It could be done with a custom omniJS plugin which would run on both macOS and iOS.

See, for example:

and Automation > API Reference

But for JS plugins you might have to upgrade to the full edition.

It might be worth looking at:

Omni-Automation/Total of estimated minutes.omnifocusjs at master · unlocked2412/Omni-Automation