Find and replace in database

Is there a way to do a “find and replace” on text across the entire OF database?

And if that’s even possible… is it on iOS?

I use templates to fuel my workflow for hundreds of projects and when a template needs to be revised, it can be hell to manually reflect that in each, or I end up leaving them alone and hoping I remember whatever was changed about the template when I get to them.

The Mac app supports Find and Replace including using regular expressions. There is a bit of info in the docs, but it doesn’t mention replace. There is a support note that shows the dialog and gives help on regular expressions.

I don’t see a way to do it on iOS through the UI. It can be done through the JavaScript automation. To search all tasks, you would loop over the flattenedTasks property on the database and then perform your search using JavaScript’s string.replace(). Doing this programmatically is a bit dangerous if you haven’t programmed much before. You could accidentally write something that deletes lots of content from notes.

Interesting, so perhaps someone could write an extension to do that.

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