Find: Restrict to certain levels

OO v 5.12

My general impression is that the find function in OO is very primitive. It is possible that I just do not understand it.

Let’s say that I am trying to look for the word “order”. I can at least specify that I want the whole word so I can avoid being inundated with other words like “border”. But I have a couple of problems

  1. When it finds the word in some particular level, that level gets highlighted, but in my use the actual word itself is not highlighted. If that level is several (say 6 lines or more) long, it is going to be hard to find the work “order” inside. Basically you end up with a paragraph of text and are expected to read the entire thing to find the word “order” inside it.

  2. I do not know how (and perhaps it is not possible), to specify that you only want to flag the word “order” when it occurs in certain levels, say the first two levels. For me, that would help make the search a lot more useful. In my outline, I get inundated with finds of the word “order” that lie deep in the structure of the document and in my particular case are not relevant.

In regard to No. 1: When you click on the found item in the side bar OmniOutliner switches between selecting/highlighting the found row and only highlighting the found text.

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