Find which folder a project is in?

Newbie question. Just getting started with OF3 on Mac.
I have been creating projects and folders to hold them. At about 25 projects and 10 folders so far. Expecting to have many more folders with many more projects.
All my folders are collapsed for a compact view.
When I double click the projects view, I get a list of all my projects. If I click on a project, the inspector shows LOTS of info, but not what Folder the project is in.
I can expand the folders and find it, but if I get a lot of projects in a lot of folders, finding it that way will be challenging.
Is there a simple way, when looking at a project and its inspector, to see which folder the project is filed in? Or can I do a search to show the folder for a given project?
(I may be missing something very obvious because I am new to OF. Thanks for any suggestions)


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