Finding a Space Hog among my omnifocus tasks

Looking in “manage storage” on my iPad Pro, I see that Omnifocus is taking almost 2GB of memory. I’m a busy person with lots to do, but this strikes me as ridiculous. I suspect there’s a single task or two that’s the culprit, but how do I find them? Thanks!

Do you have a file attachment in one of your tasks or projects?

I’m sure I do. Is there a way to search just for them? Thanks!

On the Mac you can do Window->Attachment List to see them all. I’m not how sure on iPad.

2 GB ?!

I got 1628 projects, 5774 actions (since 2012), no attachments, always deleting old instances for same repeated actions (like related to my home cleaning up, regular visits to dentist, etc).
And this data is 48.5 MB (according to info displayed in iPad)

Looking at the recent blog post:

We can expect to see in 2017 the following:

One thing that is needed on OmniFocus for iOS is for some way to archive old completed tasks to the cloud. It’s easy enough to archive on the Mac but no way to do it in iOS.

The releases notes for OmniFocus 2 for iOS shared this about Bulk Deletion:

So this is a way to trim your data size a bit.