Finding single action lists harder to scan in v2

Many of my Projects are of the “Single Actions” type, with a series of actions that may have a few sub-actions. I’m finding this view is very hard to scan in OmniFocus 2. In v1, the left-hand checkboxes were a clear indicator of hierarchy, and the fonts were easy to read.

In OmniFocus 2, the view is muddied once you hit multiple levels of actions with notes. Beyond just the sheer height of actions, there’s less definition around the actions I can see. (The line doesn’t do much for me.)


seems no detail like context to display could make single actions more clear.

This is closely related to the discussions about the shift from columns to multiple rows for basic information and about information density in general. As your tasks don’t have any contexts or due / deferred dates, there’s a lot of whitespace that “muddles” your view and interrupts the vertical lines of different indentation levels. You might request a list bullets option.