Finding the right fit for my work needs and style, perhaps OT

I believe I need a calendar to help me plan production time and projects and keep up with tasks. Kind of like, ok, here’s where you start, you make the commitment for a time and place to do certain things according to a plan. I’m not at ease (yet anyway) with working with Gantt charts. It’s not a natural for me. Does someone here perhaps have a recommendation for a calendaring focused application? Perhaps better called a task focused calendaring application? i’m not trying to take anything away from OmniPlan, just find a good fit.

If you want a timeline, a Gantt chart is a good solution. If not, maybe you should be using Apple’s Calendar app? You can set an action with a start and end date, and it will stretch across the calendar. You can add actions either in the To-Do section on each day, or at a specific time. You can set up separate calendars for different concerns in different colors.

I think OmniPlan is pretty great for this sort of thing. Hae you watched the Omni Gorup videos? They show how easy it is to use.

For some types of project, where the tasks are known (time and effort) and often repeated, a calendar is fine. A good example is brochure/magazine/journal publication. All the publishing teams I’ve worked with use calendars/wall planners because they do the job.

Apple’s Calendar app is good place to start. You can create as many calendars as you like and colour code them, so for example, one for each project. As the other reply says, set a start date and time and off you go. The Reminders app allows as many lists (projects) as you like and you could use that to set alarms etc.

Using Omniplan is easy; understanding how to get the best from it, not so much. That’s more about understanding nuances of project management than the software

Where do these OmniPlan videos reside, i.e. do you have a url? I am barely a beginner in project management lingo, much less the actions.

Omni’s videos are here.

Also look at these videos from