First-available availability and almost-complete task groups

I’ve been doing a lot more with “first available” availability to try to make my view of the day more directly actionable, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Single Actions did exactly what I want with the way I’ve got things set up, and shows each action as independently first-available.

However, this has one interesting exception, and I’m wondering if this is intentional or a bug: if I have a task at the root of a single-actions project, and it has subtasks, and all those tasks are complete, it will not show up as first-available, only as available.

If this is intentional, I’m curious as to the intent, as tasks with no subtasks do show up, and the delta there seems like a distinction without a difference.


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I tried this and got the same result as you. I’d say it’s a bug. If I change the project type to ‘Parallel’, that task with completed subtasks becomes ‘First Available’, and there’s no reason for a SAL to behave differently in this regard.

Thanks for confirming this, and glad your impression was the same as mine :).

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