Fix project lists and contexts messed view

would be awesome if in a future version of Omnifocus the views of contexts and projects become more organized, because sometimes i can’t find them so i have to look for the hierarchy, and that definitely takes time away.
So i took a screenshot of how Things managed tags in the previous version. @kcase


Remember that OF has a very good Search function, which does now have the ability to search everything, not just the current selection.

I’m not sure the comparison to Things tags is valid – my use of Omnifocus showed me that too many tags leads to disorganization. (You can’t always remember what you named a Tag in Things, so you make up a new one, and voila, your organization falls to pieces.) Contexts are better, and less is more.

The disorganisation and confusion in this case comes from the fact that it only shows text. There is no visual aid that shows the hierarchy and for many people that actually makes it very difficulty to see the context of the tags/contexts. The picture on the left does have that visual aid and makes it far easier to see the hierarchy.

Having such an option greatly enhances the organisation of tags/contexts (especially when we have multiple tags which is due for Q4). You don’t get this long list of tags because you can group them. It makes any view that uses tags/contexts a lot easier because there is no scrolling through long lists are difficulty in finding certain tags/contexts.

Too many tags can indeed lead to disorganisation because you lose overview. The problem here is that “too many” is very vague. Some will consider more than 5 to be too many whereas others will be fine with 15. However, having a visual aid of the hierarchy is just as important when you have 5 tags as it is when you have 15.