FIXED Omnifocus 4 not "cleaning up" as expected

On MacOS 14.4 and iOS/iPadOS 17.4, Omnifocus 4 does not seem to update tasks properly when I add a project. I’m thinking perhaps I’m missing a setting? When I use Quick Entry to create a task, I choose a project but it still goes to the inbox, and clicking the Cleanup button still won’t move it. I think this has happened to me in other areas of my projects as well when I change the project the item does not move to that project. This is happening on Mac and on my devices. It’s been a while since I used Omnifocus 3, but I don’t remember this happening there. I’m running Omnifocus 4 in standard trial mode.

I’m testing it again and it seems to only be the Inbox working this way, so in other projects I can instantly move an item to another project, but nothing moves the inbox items unless I drag them or cut and paste

Ha, I knew this had to be a setting. I’ve messed with this for a few days and it only takes me posting to find it myself. Cleanup was set to needing project and tag. Sorry for the noise