Flagged icon indicator - Bug

Hi there,

When I’m flagging items in OF2, the “Flagged” button has an orange stripe on the left site. The problem, however, is that even though all items from the Flagged perspective (viewing all available items) are cleared, it still shows the orange stripe in the icon. Only when I also clear inactive items (remaining perspective) that are flagged, the stripe will go away. The problem is that in OSX the orange stripe in the flagged icon does not discern between the “available” and “remaining” perspectives.

On the iPad or iPhone the flagged indicator is working fine and discerns between the “available” and “remaining” perspectives.

Thanks, we’re aware of this inconsistency and tracking it in our bug database.

Thanks for your awaring.


Thanks! Speaking of consistency, it would be great if the Mac version would also have the the number of flagged items in the icon instead of the flag like it is the case in the iOS version.