Flagged perspective shows unavailable items

Hello. I’m using the latest versions of OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

I don’t use the built-in Flagged perspective much, but it does seem to be off on the iPhone. It’s showing flagged items that are unavailable, which seems odd, but more importantly, on the iPad (and the Mac) the built-in Flagged perspective does NOT show unavailable items.

Here are some screen shots.
iPad - shows 9 flagged items, all are available:

iPhone - shows 20 flagged items, 11 are unavailable:



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This has bugged me for some time. I think there should be view options on the iPhone for the flagged perspective like thete are for the projects and contexts lists.

I’m fairly sure that I’ve never submitted this as an official feature request, but I will do that now. I suggest that others do the same!