Flagged view, new entry bug

Can someone confirm if they also have this issue on iPhone. (12 max) or other.
If I create a new task whilst in Flagged view, the entry keyboard will keep disappearing after each key press.

I’m having this issue as well in OmniFocus 4.0.3 for iPhone (iPhone 14 Pro Max). I just reported it to Omni by tapping “…” in the toolbar and choosing Help > Contact Omni.

A workaround is to create the new action, go out of editing mode (i.e. collapse the action), and go back into editing mode (i.e. tap on the action).

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Thanks to Tim’s email, we have filed a bug report about this!

Just wanted to share here that this appears to only be an issue when Flagged is to “Group actions by: Ungrouped” (a new setting for Flagged found in its View Options), so changing to one of the other grouping options would be another workaround to avoid this problem for the time being.


Thanks for the update, @valyria. Kudos to @keypix as well for identifying this issue!

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