Fluid – Custom Columns View - - fast switching

Hi and good day,

As much as I am glad to use the new Custom Columns View, I’m finding myself searching for an easier way to switch between both.

Say I’m in Custom Columns View and I need to edit something in a specific task, then it’s necessary to go to > View > Fluid > back to the task – a bit awkward.

How about switching (by right-clicking for ex.) this one task in question towards the other view mode, or - if this is too difficult to implement now - to switch all tasks for the active project.

That’s my wishlist for X-mas.
I’m sending this as an urgent feature request.
with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

I’m curious as to what Custom Columns view is missing that requires you to switch back to Fluid view to edit a task – do you just not want to have all of the columns that you might want to edit displayed in column view? You should also be able to use the Inspector sidebar to edit a task in either view.