Focus Filters in OF3/4?

I’m sorry I really did search for this but found nothing. (Which surprised me so I assume I missed something obvious ergo I’m sorry again.)

Any plans to implement focus filters in OF3 or 4? I would love to have my projects/tags/perspectives filtered based on my focus mode.

I have actually been meaning to ask about the same thing! I know I can achieve mostly the same result with perspectives, but it would be nice if it could integrate automatically when switching between my work and personal focus.

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I am able to focus on folders or projects in OF4 on my iPad.

  1. Go to the Projects folder
  2. Tap on the “More icon” at the top (3 periods inside a circle)
  3. Tap Select in the menu
  4. Scroll through your outline and highlight a series of projects or folders.
  5. Tap on “More” at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Tap “Focus”

just got home to open my Mac. In OF4, I can select a project or folder and select from the menu View > Focus on [project name or folder name].

So the steps have been the same as OF3.

Yes, that feature is great!

However, I was thinking more along the lines of the new “focus filters” feature in Venture/iOS whatever-we’re-on (16?).

The basic idea would be that I can go into my focus modes (e.g., Driving, Sleep, Work, Home, or whatever), and turn on a focus filter for OF. Then I could select which project, tag, or perspective (or some combo, I’m not sure how refined a filter can be) I want to have be visible in that focus mode.

Aaah… perhaps there could be a way to have a Siri shortcut triggered based on time of day or location? That shortcut would possibly set the desired shortcut?

I remembered there was some kind of iOS app available for purchase to trigger shortcuts using notifications? I think it was push cuts or something like that? I vaguely recall an automation using push notifications to trigger short cuts. Perhaps check out the Automators Discourse forum?

It would be fairly easy to do that in keyboard maestro but I can’t remember what app is available on iOS

A-ha! PushCuts

I remembered the Automators podcast had an episode about using NFC stickers at various locations to start Shortcuts.

Get in the car, wave your phone near the NFC sticker and it will open the Errands perspective.

Arrive at work, wave your phone near the NFC sticker at your desk to open the Work perspective.

Go home and wave your phone near the NFC sticker by your front door to open the Home perspective.

Or have it set to run a shortcut that will set the desired Focus…

The endless possibilities…

But who knows? We might see the Focus feature in OmniFocus version 4.1 or later? 🤞🏻

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