Focus Projects - Sort by Due Date

I have Projects with a handful of actions and sub-actions. Some of the sub-actions have due dates. In OF1, I could Focus on a handful of these Projects, then sort by Due Date. This would make Projects with at least one action that contained a due date appear towards the top of the focused list. In OF1, I used the sorting bar, which was underneath the View options.

Is this feature returning or is there another way to do it in OF2?

I think that the only way to do it in the new system is to make a new perspective with project organization and sorted by due.

If you make that perspective without a focus I think that when you switch to it with an existing focus it will retain the focus.

My problems is the focus changes daily for my projects. I have a Perspective that shows all of my work related projects. Some actions within have various due dates. Based on which actions I’ve completed, I would:

(1) Activate the perspective
(2) With View, show completed actions
(3) Search for that specific completed action that is consistent throughout all projects
(4) Highlight those projects
(5) Focus on those projects
(6) Organize by Due Date

It’s a temporary layout that changes every day. I would use those same steps in OF1 to find the projects I needed to focus on for a few hours.

It seems like what you would want to do here is:

  1. Activate a perspective that shows completed actions.
  2. Search for the consistent completed action (I’m guessing this is specific to your work)
  3. Highlight those projects.
  4. Focus on those projects
  5. Activate the perspective that is organized by due date.

Does that work? It seems like it would based on the way I use it.

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Your process would work. I never created a custom Completed perspective because the View bar was right at the top, so I was a click away from seeing completed tasks within my current perspective. With OF1, at this point, I wanted to avoid the clutter of making additional perspectives for just one change in my current perspective.

You are correct about the consistent action being work related. For instance, I have a project template with 10 actions in them. Out of a handful of projects, let’s say I complete actions 1-5. I want to search for all projects where steps 5 are completed. This is when I would go to view, show completed, and search for step 5. I would see all of those projects, highlight them, focus them, and work with those.

After working for a bit, my whole focus could change in an hour or so, then I’d want to see projects with steps 7 completed, etc.