Focus/Unfocus icons

One of the functions I use all the time is Focus (and then Unfocus.) It would be very convenient if there were toolbar icons for them.

I know there are keyboard shortcuts I could use, but my brain is maxed out remembering all the different shortcuts I already use. Is there are any way to get Focus and Unfocused on the toolbar?

You could write little AppleScripts for Focus and UnFocus, and then put them in the toolbar.

Or, you could buy Keyboard Maestro, and make a pallette for OO containing those macros as buttons.

I have KM. How do I make a palette?

Or better yet … is there a guide that would show me how to write a script that involves a menu command?

You make two macros, one for each of the Focus/Unfocus menu items, then you load them into a palette that’s set to load when OF is brought to front.

Start reading here, then go upstream to Macro_Palettes to see all the support topics.

It’s really simple; you just make a group for what you want in the palette, and then set it to show up when OF is active in the front.

I have a palettes for different groups of perspectives – very handy.

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You could also email us and we can file a feature request for you (or add you to an existing one). 😊