Focusing problems in a perspective

I know that the Omnifolk have more important things to work on this week, but in my opinion this is a big bug. I’ll report it by e-mail, too, but I’m posting it here to see if anybody else is seeing this.

I open up a window showing one of the perspectives I’ve defined. It shows a list of contexts that have currently active tasks. I would like to make the list smaller so I select a few of the tasks and then focus on them. The purple “Unfocus” button now appears at the top right and the windows title adds the string “(Focus: XXX)” but nothing else happens. I still see all of the other tasks in all of the other contexts.

If I open the same perspective in a new window, I get exactly the same appearance.

If I switch to a perspective that uses a different set of contexts, the focus works. If I then open the original perspective again, it often opens up the way I would expect, i.e. with the focus selection working properly. Sometimes this doesn’t work, though, and I’m not sure what the difference is in the procedure I went through to get to the window.

I’ve seen the other thread(s) that deal with focus problems but I get the impression that my problem is different. In any event, it still exists and I was under the impression that the other focus problems have been fixed.