Folders vs.tags in perspectives

My current setup
I tend to organize my Ominfocus 3 projects into Folders, one Folder for each workstream I am involved in, e.g. “Admininstraion”, “Workstream A”, “Engiineering workstream B”, etc.
Each Folder contains multiple Projects and Tasks.

I use various Custom perspectives to help me focus on particular workstreams at particular times (say by day of week). Up to now, I’ve also been having a Tag for each workstream and put that Tag on any task associated with that workstream. I also have special Tags like “Next” (high-priority, shows up in Today perspective), “Weekday”, “Weekend”, “Errand”, etc. , more like Contexts in OF 2. My Perspectives filter by all these Tags as well as Availability.

Question: Should I use Folders instead of Tags to denote Workstreams in my Perspectives
Custom perspectives allow me to filter by Folders as well as tags. Since I have been assigning each workstream to both a Tag and a Folder, is there any downside to update the perspectives to filter by Folder and reserve tags for other purposes. Thanks!

You shouldn’t need to tag and use a folder for the same thing. For me, your use of folders for areas of focus is a perfect use. You can also filter multiple folders in the work perspectives, e.g. showing projects and tasks in Workstream A and Engineering workstream B in the same work perspective.

I use Folders for areas of focus and then Tags which denote other things like focus level (Deep or Shallow) or Importance which go across all folders, your example of priorities is good.

There is a case for tagging projects with an identical tag. I have one SAL per client tagged with the clients name, that way anything added to that SAL unless tagged otherwise becomes an agenda item easily brought up when contacting the client. I also apply the same when the client has a specific project active.

For example I may be coding something for a client by giving the project a generic “client-A” tag I can just drop a question I have in there and it’s tagged. The actual tasks in the project will be tagged separately ie coding, research etc.

Another example I have several “reading” or “study” projects, tagging the project saves a lot of time when adding new material.

“Automatic” tagging like this can be very useful and seems to be often overlooked

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