Font access in OmniGraffle

How do I add Palatino Linotype font to be one of font faces in OmniGraffle (5.4.4) on Mac OS (10.9.5)? For example, it shows up on MSWord, but not OmniGraffle.

I believe Palatino is a Windows font, so there’s a chance it may only be usable in MS Word and not in any other applications on the Mac. Can you check to see if you can use the font in TextEdit or Pages?

Some applications install a folder of fonts for their exclusive use. Microsoft and Adobe installations do this frequently.

To use those fonts with other applications, find and copy the desired fonts to wherever you normally store your public fonts. You may also need to activate the fonts using whatever font manager you use, such as Font Book or FontExplorerX Pro.

Hope that helps. …pt

No… folks… You’re missing the question. I have it, too.
I’m inside Omnigraffle. I add a text box to a drawing. I select the font controls. I can change its “Family” and “Typeface” and “Size.”
I have exactly and only 5 families… which is WEIRD. (Baskerville, Big Calson, Cochin, Copperplate, and Didot)

In my Mac OS Font Book, I have a bazillion.
I even added, just tonight, “Playfair Display” … a “free for commercial use” download.
Once I added Playfair Display to my FontBook, I could see it in Word and also in Text Edit.

So I’m in OmniGraffle, and I want to use it.
Inside that Font controls, I can even select “Manage Fonts”

…which takes me to my OSX FontBook… with no clear option to “Add a font to OmniGraffle.”
I close that and go back to OmniGraffle.
I am STILL stuck with only and exactly 5 fonts… (see the problem?) :-)

What do I do to add to this very limited list of 5?

Make sense?

Thank you

I had the font problem with OmniGraffle v 5.4.4 when I posted the original message back in Sep’15.
I’m now using OmniGraffle v 6.6.1 - I don’t have the font problem anymore - I can see all fonts:)

Doh! Yes… I’m in 5.5.4.