Font baseline is in the wrong place

I have a purchased font, and while all other fonts seem fine, this particular font has the baseline in the wrong place. This means that when I vertically align the font, it’s too high within the box relative to all other fonts. I can’t figure out what the difference is with this font (purchased from Klim).

The specific font is called “Metric”.

When I try the same vertical alignment in Microsoft Word, it looks perfectly fine, but in Omnigraffle, it’s too high.

See my screen captures:

Looks like you’re running into an issue with the way certain fonts are handled by Apple/OS X, which OmniGraffle utilizes. For instance if you use DIN Condensed in Pages you run into a similar scenario.

Applications like Word and those from Adobe don’t encounter this issue because they’ve built their own system for handling fonts and their positioning.

It is possible to manually correct this by lowering the baseline for the text set in Metric. You’ll need to select the text itself (not the containing object), then choose Format > Font > Baseline > Lower. It may be helpful to set your own keyboard shortcut to more easily access this option. Not the most ideal, I know, but I hope it helps!

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Thanks, I thought as much, but I’d say that when Omnigraffle provides a vertical alignment feature, that it would account for issues with the baseline. I get that the baseline is higher, but this is a situation where when I reface my layout in the new font, everything is off.

This isn’t the only issue here, I’ve also found some problems with the way Omnigraffle handles spacing that seem really squirelley.

Hi @msafar, if you haven’t already, we’d love for you to email us so we can be sure to properly capture these issues into any relevant bugs or feature requests. We don’t always catch everything that comes through the forums, so email is definitely the best way to make sure an issue is on-record.