Font repeatedly downloading on opening file

When opening some of my files, I get the option to download a couple of the fonts that are in the document. OmniGraffle warns that I may not be able to view my document properly if I don’t download the font… it’s usually two of them. (Hannotate TC and HanziPen TC)

I always tell it to download the fonts… but it happens often. Any idea what to do to prevent it? Are the fonts not installed correctly?

To check the status of your fonts, go into Font Book, type the font name in the search area, and see if the font is installed and enabled. If it is showing in Font Book as installed and enabled with no warnings, try using the font in TextEdit. If the font is working in TextEdit or Pages, it should be available in OmniGraffle too for the same user account on the same machine.

When agreeing to the missing font warning that appears in OmniGraffle when opening a file, you are agreeing to temporarily replace the missing fonts with the default font (Helvetica Neue) in order to open the document. The 2 fonts you mention shipped with macOS Sierra, so you should be able to get them from your OS using the steps mentioned at

If you are seeing a missing font alert when opening your file, download the font files and then double click on the fonts to install them in Font Book, and then try opening your document that uses those fonts again. Contact us by choosing Contact Omni from the help menu if this doesn’t resolve the font issue. We are happy to help!