Font size and line height in 2.5 as compared to 2.4.2 w/ unsupported .plist mods

The medium font size in the new 2.5 version is smaller than what it was in earlier versions. (I was actually using the San Francisco font, but it’s the same for the default as well.) I tried bumping the size up a notch, but the line height doesn’t increase, which makes the lines looks very cramped. (I’m using the Custom Columns layout.)

How can I increase the font size and the line height?

Are you comparing to an earlier test version of 2.5, or had you modified OmniFocus 2.4.x to use San Francisco?

Regardless, I think screenshots might be the easiest way to show us the problem you’re seeing. Would you mind posting “before” and “after” versions? Thanks!

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I can grab a few screenshots. Where can I download version 2.4.x? The downloads page lists a rather older version and I was worried about messing up my database.

Your database will be okay. There haven’t been any changes to the format👍🏼

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2.0.2 Won’t mess up your database, but here’s a link to 2.4.2.

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My bad. I was using @poritsky’s San Francisco tweak and I got muddled about what was happening.

Here’s what 2.4 looks like with the tweak:

And this is 2.5:

The tweak no longer works in 2.5. Is there a way to bump up the font size a wee bit?

The next notch in the settings makes the font too large and, more importantly, doesn’t increase the line height. I could live with larger type, but not with crammed text.

I have not looked at @poritsky’s tweak. I’m guessing he has the technical chops to make you a Font collection that is identical, though!