Font substitution creating problems

There is a problem with font substitution that can damage document formatting…

When you open an OG file with a missing font (i.e. that was in the original document, but not activated when opened subsequently) then that font is substituted, say with Helvetica.

But that is easy to miss, as the substation may take place on another canvas that is not being viewed.

That substation is SAVED with the document. So if you close OG, activate the font, and then re-open the document, it is now ALWAYS set to Helvetica. In other words, the original font formatting is lost forever (and may not even be noticed for some time).

Like most pros, I am using Suitcase Fusion. Is there any font plug-in or ANY means of alert for when a font in an OG document is missing?

How things are at the moment, you have to remember which fonts are used in which documents and ensure that those fonts are activated before opening a document.

Anyone? Anyone?

Coming up to a year, now. Anyone?

I noticed that too. I can’t tell how to avoid this. Looks like we are the only ones that noticed.
A real bummer, looking at a file you created yourself and not knowing what fonts you had used.

And I see, it just got fixed with Version 7. But some don’t like the pricing.