Forecast Calendar Setting Request

Perhaps an odd request for a setting:

“When a new Calendar detected, Forecast’s list will default them to:” “Visible” “Invisible”

At my job, there’s a calendar that I regularly need to resubscribe to freshly to reference a few times per year because of an inefficient tech solution. Long story short, after adding that to my iCloud calendars, I then have to open OmniFocus on every device and disable that calendar from the Forecast view; I use my iPad OmniFocus infrequently enough that I often don’t get to it until it’s a mess of these unwanted events.

I understand why the default is set up as it is! My calendar usage is not the norm, but I also think many others may be in the same boat. I just want OF to not make any new calendars visible in Forecast unless I explicitly check it.

You need to send this suggestion to Omni Support if you want to be sure they’ll see it.