Forecast doesn't sort actions finely enough [A: custom persp.]


We have discovered a confusing and disturbant lack of correlation between Projects and Forecast. Let me try to explain.

We have a lot of activities going on in many projects. Let’s say we have five projecte with six activities with the same due date and time in each.

In Forecast 30 activities will show up on that due date, all with the same due time.

We would like to see them grouped by project (in the same order as in Project view) and within that group, sorted in the same order as in each Project view.

Wouldn’t that be logical?

In Forecast they now show up very randomly both in grouping and sorting.

Would this be possible to fix before the final release of OmniFocus 2?

Have you tried making a project-based perspective grouped by due? That seems like it would give you the arrangement you want.

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