Forecast drag-drop rearrange for scheduling?

I use the Forecast view quite a lot during my day, to manage what needs to get done. However life of-course collides with my planning all the time, resulting in me needing to reschedule.

At that point, I start going through the rescheduled items, updating their due date one at a time. What I would really like is for drag-dropping in the Forecast view to change the due date of the dragged task(s).

Does this feature already exist and I’ve just missed the shortcut for it?

I’m not sure I understand your question.

Drag-and-drop is something you do with the mouse, not with any shortcut on your keyboard? So what shortcut are you looking for?

And yes: you can drag-and-drop tasks in the forcast to another day and it will change the due date.


On the Mac you can definitely drag and drop to reschedule in Forecast. This video might help:

…and this section of the online documentation talks about using modifier keys while dragging to adjust the due date, the defer date (⌘), or both (⌥⌘) simultaneously:


I realise the difference between a mouse operation and a keyboard one. However the term “shortcut” has other applications outside of strict input device bindings ;)

Thanks Anne, that’s great and will definitely shave off some time!

Though it is a bit more coarse than what I was looking for. I usually keep quite fine-grained task lists in the today view, so commonly I’m looking to push 3-4 tasks just a couple of hours, but in the same day. Hence I’m looking to just vertically reorganise the list.

Given that drag-to-calendar has been implemented, I take it that vertical reorganisation has not?

Hi @AngryAnt,

It’s not currently possible to rearrange the sort order of items in Forecast by dragging (they are auto-sorted by due time), however you could select several items and use the inspector to adjust their times in bulk. You can also enter something like “3h” to move the time ahead 3 hours.

In case it helps, items that have the exact same due time appear in Forecast in the order in which they exist in Projects, so it is possible to rearrange them in Projects and that change would be reflected in Forecast as well. I sometimes do this by opening a second OmniFocus window and dragging an action from the Forecast perspective of one window to the position in Projects where I’d like it go in the other window, then the change also appears in the first window. I’m uploading a short GIF to help illustrate what I mean:

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