Forecast - nested To-Dos

I use nested to-dos for homework assignments but they don’t show up properly in the Forecast. For example, I’ll make a to-do for Homework 1, and then under Homework 1 I’ll put Question/Part 1, 2, 3, etc. as their own and nest it under Homework 1 so they all inherit the same due date. I like doing this because if it’s a long assignment with multiple parts then I can easily keep track of which parts I still need to do. Everything works perfectly in the project view with the disclosure arrow showing/hiding the parts of the problem. The issue I’m having is in the Forecast, it shows all the individual parts separately and the original Homework 1 (which is bold) but the parts are no longer shown as nested. This isn’t really a problem, it’s just annoying because all the parts will get mixed up with my other individual to-dos that are due on the same day, and there is no easy way to see which ones go underneath a larger “to-do”.
Does anyone have an advice/experience on this, or know if this has already discussed anywhere else? I wanted to check here before submitting a request to Omni. Thanks in advance!

This is a “feature” or a “limitation” of Forecast view. Everything due on a given date is flattened.

Your better option is to make a custom perspective. You can then set it to show only those Projects in your Homework folder(s). This requires the Pro version of OmniFocus.


Oh ok, thanks for the clarification. I’ll just make a custom perspective then.