Forecast view and times

A really useful feature, I’ve always wished existed in OF 1 was a total of time allocated to tasks per day.

It would be great if the forecast view had the ability to show if you’ve been over ambitious in allocating daily work.

humm, while I can see your point in requesting this, the precision of how much needs to be entered in order to have this working properly is really high for each task.

Not only date but time and duration should or need to be entered- but that to me is the beauty of a task manager compared to the calendar- even tasks that are hard to estimate in time appear on the trajectory and can be brought into perspective.

Taking this into account, the only low- data version of this would restrict the amount of flagged items per day to, say, 6. Since some tasks might even require the whole day it will be hard to find the middle ground with all the different use cases for OF to set up a standard.

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This is closely related to what I wrote in this thread about deferred tasks in Forecast View - in a nutshell, I think it’s great that you can view deferred tasks there, but I miss numbers for deferred tasks in addition to those for due tasks in the calendar itself. That would at least give you a quick overview of the number of tasks that will drop onto your lists on a given date.

Mat, you make a good point. Indeed, I would be spending most of my day in OmniFocus to get it right and not get on with anything. I tend to over estimate frequently how much I can get done in a day, which is why I suggest it. I do tend to focus on my 4 flagged items a day, so it could be useful to tally up flagged items, but not sure it a one size fits all solution. I’ll stand down !