Forecast view not refreshing properly in 2.4? [A: Bug, will be fixed in an update.]

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Is this only me or a known issue?
Since 2.4 nearly every time I open OF with the Forecast view it looks like the screen shot below. OF shows the number of due/ due soon tasks in the date picker, but the list is empty and says “No due objects”.
Closing and re-opening the view solves the problem (all tasks are back in the list), but only temporary. Next time I open OF the list is blank again. Never seen this behavior with older versions…


(iPhone 6+, iOS 8.1.1)

I have the same problem. And I am using the german version, too.

In Forecast view, there is no update of the view when I switch from one day to the other. Only after leafing Forecast and re-opening it, it updates properly until the next time the iPhone switches to standby mode.

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I am using an English version and the same thing is happening here.

This is caused by a bug which we didn’t detect until after 2.4 had shipped - we’re very sorry and we’ll have it fixed in an update as quickly as we can.

Thanks, Brian. Looking forward to the next update.

Omni Staff,

Would you please provide an ETA for the next iPhone OmniFocus release?

I own OmniFocus for Mac, as well, but rely almost solely on the iPhone version. Where OmniFocus for iPhone had previously been a joy to use, version 2.4, that I’m currently stuck with, is torture. I constantly have to shut it down and restart it in order to get it to display accurate data.

I’m beginning to lose patience and respect for OmniGroup for allowing this release to remain current for nearly three weeks now. I’m willing to cut you some slack for releasing an app in this state in the first place, but I’d like to see a little more urgency in getting a fix out.

Please offer an update.

Thank you.

Gregg they will update it some day, maybe, if they feel like it. But don’t get too excited because whatever bugs they fix will be replaced with brand new ones. Maybe they will blame Apple, or maybe they will blame the fact that they have lots and lots of products to update. Or maybe they will say they were too busy to respond here. You are supposed to email them for support. Personally I find the one star app store review the most effective way to tell this company to shove it. Such glaring bugs on $100+ software should be fixed - immediately. Customers deserve much, much better.

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