Forecast view on watch?

With the new ability to add an arbitrary tag to the forecast view, I thought I would be able to get rid of my custom Today perspective. However, those tagged items don’t show up in today on the watch. Is there a way to get those to show up?

Yes! You can stipulate a chosen special perspective (including your custom tag perspective) in settings- ‘today & watch’- and choose from the list of perspectives that appear.

Yes, that’s what I have currently. I’d been thinking I could follow the steps at and use that on my watch instead of the custom perspective. However, there’s no option to show “Forecast” in the list of items to show.

In the end, I think this is really just a feature request to expose the Forecast view on the watch app.

Apologies for not getting what you meant! Yes, I think the watch app needs some serious re-thinking. Especially in light of the new complications available. There is a new face available that could allow all sorts of exciting new use cases for OF.