Formatting Action Titles

I noticed that the Bold and Italics options are available under the Format menu when I type an Action’s title. But nothing happens to the text (the formatting doesn’t apply itself) when B/I are selected.

This may be a bug. If it’s not, then it would seem useful to have formatting discretion for Action titles. That way—say I need to buy a book this week—I can underline the book’s title in the Action title.

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FWIW, the formatting works on text in the Notes field of any action. But you’re right, it doesn’t work on the characters of the Actions themselves.

Rich text is not supported for task titles—or anywhere else except for notes.

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Would it be possible to implement this feature into OF? This would be awesome!!

+1 to formatting action title! Bold (and underline and strikethrough if possible) would be really useful.