Formatting in Notes section

Hi is there any way to use/program some more advanced formatting in the notes section?

I want to use keyboard shortcuts for strikethrough, highlight, horizontal line etc.

Is this possible?

I don’t think it is. BUT… I would highly recommend using the insanely portable and easy to write markdown syntax.


Thanks ctessmer! I checked out that page and am considering using the markdown syntax, but am not sure yet how helpful it would be for me.

Why do you recommend it so highly?

And can it provide me the ability to format like i want in the notes section of a task in omnifocus?

I’ve often used TextEdit to format my text. Then I copy and paste it into the OmniFocus Notes field. Don’t see a way to access styles in OmniFocus but this is how I get formatted test into the Notes section.

I don’t have a complete solution for you, but I wanted to note that strikethrough formatting can be added to text relatively easily by hitting Command-T to pull up the Fonts window. From there, a button exists for adding strikethroughs:

I don’t know how to attach a keyboard shortcut directly to the strikethrough formatting, but at least the Cmd-T shortcut puts you one mouse click away.