Forum question: Mark all posts in a thread as read, possible?


I’ll try again here - Kismet marked another post I tried to enter as possible spam - maybe because I included an image from another forum using Discourse.

That forum has a ‘Dismiss New’ bottom at bottom right of the New Threads page so that you can treat them as read without having to go to each one if the thread titles are clear enough to indicate that they are of no interest.

How do I do that in the Omni forums, please?



It works the same way if you click “Forums” and then choose “New” or “Unread” - the options to bulk dismiss appear at bottom right.

If you’re in a specific forum, the options don’t appear


Thanks, Nick - I see it when I’m at the parent level (Forums); but it doesn’t show for me at all when I go down into OmniFocus or OmniFocus for Mac etc