Forwarded mail = Italics? [Not done by OmniFocus or Sync Server]

I forwarded an email to my address. It arrived quickly in my InBox, with the subject of the message as the name of the Action, and the text of the message in the Notes field. But the text in the Notes field was italicized. I had to manually un-italicize it.

Is there a way to keep it from becoming italicized?

[Note: I’m not using the Clip-o-Tron as I have a Keyboard Maestro macro that does this operation very easily for me.]

That’s really strange. Was the original email plain text, or did it have some formatting?

Good question. I just did some checking and it happens every time if the email is rich text.

So I converted the test email to plain text before forwarding, and it arrived without italics. But now … when I open any new email and select the text, the Format menu shows me “Make Rich Text” as the only choice, and it’s greyed out. And everything I forward to OF is italicized. Weird.