Forwarding emails to Omnifocus using Google rules


I want to make a rule in gmail that will put an email into a specific Omnifocus project with a specific due date of 3 days from the day it is processed. Is that possible? Thank you!

Hi erroxx,

I’m not aware of a direct route to accomplish what you are wanting. You might check out OmniFocus Mail Drop, Zapier, or URL Schemes.

  • Mail Drop - With OmniFocus Mail Drop you could set up a Gmail filter to forward matching emails to your OmniFocus inbox. Unfortunately, this method is limited. The subject of the email = the task name & the body of the email = the task note.
  • Zapier - From what I can tell, Zapier uses Maildrop too. Also, you can use IFTTT to build an integration with OmniFocus using Mail Drop as well.
  • URL Schemes - I can’t think of any way to easily automate this with URL Schemes. I’m just mentioning them because you can target projects with either these or x-callback-url. These URL methods have to be opened on a local machine and can’t run in the background.

I think everything is limited because there is no direct access to your OmniFocus database through any kind of API. Most great plugins and automation happen on local devices (ie. iOS Shortcuts app, apps on Mac OS, AppleScripts, Omni-Automation).

In theory, it might be possible to write an Omni-Automation plugin that would use Google Apps Script API to search your Gmail for matching emails every time you manually run it.

Because my work currently uses Todoist to share tasks, I use a Gmail Filter and OmniFocus Mail Drop to automatically add new Todoist tasks to my inbox. In Todoist, I’m able to select what “events” I want to receive email notifications about. This method allows me to not have to work out of Todoist and to have one less “inbox” that I have to check for tasks. While I don’t have to capture the task, I do have to clarify and organize it.

Thanks for the detailed post!

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