From OmniOutliner to Latex?

Hi! I’ve been using Latex for years now and I recently discovered (and definitely adopted) OmniOutliner. I would like to use OO in order to write an academic long document and I am wondering: could it be possible to export an OO document written with Latex markers to a Latex editor? Thanks for your suggestions.

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I have not done this. I would however imagine that it should be possible when you would export the OO document as plain text.


Using Scrivener, I can insert Latex markers directly into my file, then, copy and paste all my sections into a Latex editor. But I would like to use the numbering function OmniOutliner provides without copy and paste action.

I will hazard I guess. This specific goal is unlikely if not impossible to achieve.

Edit: Post a MWE (minimum working example) of the layout that you want from OO with a comparison of what you get when you copy + paste to text -> LaTeX. I hesitate to say that I presume you know how to trick LaTeX to create variations in the font, style, and content for section and subsection (and sub-subsection and …). Perhaps this is the true gist of your question.


Thanks for your answer. No mwe to provide here and that could be useful to help me achieve that goal except this piece of code taken from a personal screenshot :

I was speaking from an old vision of OO: the first time I downloaded it (version 2?), I remember some latex export functions. Was it in my dreams?
If I copy and paste Latex code, my outline, on the left, lets appear those pieces of code which is not very elegant as you can see below :
… and I don’t ever speak of a simple preamble…

Search for “export OmniOutliner to LaTeX”. Follow some of the links for the background discussion.

My general sense from a quick review is that you should export your outline to CSV or plain text. You should also do one of two things:

  • Format OO to avoid automatically the section numbers (let LaTeX handle this) OR
  • Use the starred versions of commands, e.g. \section*{…}, make whatever other adjustments are needed in OO, and (try to) do all the formatting in OO.

FWIW, my choice would be to avoid the latter option entirely.


I did this for my doctoral thesis using the old, and it was a nightmare, albeit with a happy ending. To quote myself on the old forum replying to blurky:

Also avoid special characters; they seem to be dropped, and sometimes seem to kill the rest of the paragraph as well. Most of the mathematics in my document seems to have been removed,…