Frustration with Tags on IOS

In OmniFocus 3, all of the perspectives are based on the action object, meaning the query you build in the perspectives view are based on action (show me available actions with a tag of X). While this is great for it’s own reasons, I’m finding myself wishing I could build perspectives based on the tag object.

For example, in the Tag’s screen of iOS, the user is presented with all of the tags with no way to filter the tags themselves. I might want to see only tags which:

  • Have available actions
  • Are on hold
  • Have remaining actions
  • Have no actions

I believe this was possible in OmniFocus 1 and 2, but disappeared with 3.

In the tags view, tags have little dotted indicators to indicate how many actions are under the tag. This always seems to represent “remaining” actions. I would like the option to make these indicate available actions. If I could filter say on tags that are on hold, I would want this indicator to reflect the number of remaining actions, but if I filtered on tags with available actions I would want this indicator to reflect the number of available actions (not remaining actions). In other words, the indicators should tell me how many actions I should expect to see when I enter a given tag. I would also like the option to change this indicator to an Arabic numeral rather than the never-ending dots!

Here’s an example… it appears that I have actions in my Startup tag:

But when I tap the tag, there’s nothing in it:

I am also bothered by the “Untagged” section at the top which always appears to have many action in it, but is apparently counting projects and action groups which I don’t tag.

I know feature requests should be submitted via the app. I will do that, and when I do I will link to this post for elaboration.

I’m not completely clear on what you are looking for. Are you wishing that this was a default setting for the indicator dots or are you wondering whether you can create a perspective to do this? If the question is one of perspectives, I think you can accomplish what you want. You can create a perspective to show only tags with available or first available actions and even exclude untagged actions. For example:

You can also view only tags that are on hold, tags that have remaining actions or even no actions.

This may be because you do not have your view setting configured the way you need them to be. Click the eye icon next to the Back button and see if you need to make it less restrictive.

Besides the flexibility you have with perspectives, this can be changed in your settings:

On your Mac under settings, select the tab for Organization and check the box that says “Exclude projects and groups” in Tags and Flagged:

I believe you can set this directly on iOS, too, but I need to remind myself where the options is.

I’m asking Omnigroup to provide a way for me to filter on the tag object. The perspective screen you’ve captured is essentially a query on the action object. I can get something close to what I’m looking for, but not exactly. In your example you’re asking for available actions that don’t have a tag on hold, a project which has been dropped or is untagged.

What I’m asking is to filter the tags, not the actions. Show me only tags with available actions (hide tags with unavailable or no actions). Show me tags which are on hold.

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yes,it confused me too.i just what to see the tasks which is available,not show me all of it.

You should submit a feature request directly to Omni, if you haven’t. The company does not (actively?) monitor this forum. You can do it by sending an e-mail directly from the app.

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