Full Path for Projects in Context views?

Hello everyone.

Is there a way in either the macos or ios incarnation of OmniFocus to have the full path (including folder names) to a project displayed on each task when viewing a context? Currently, I can only see the name of a project, which is insufficient. For instance. Let’s say I have the following project hierarchy for projects around the house (this is contrived, but you’ll get the idea)

  • House:Living Room:Tasks
  • House:Living Room:Replace Carpeting
  • House:Bedroom:Tasks
  • House:Bedroom:Replace the Linens

So, “House” contains two folders called “Living Room” and “Bedroom”, and in each of these there’s a couple of projects, one of which is a general bucket of single action items called “Tasks”. Now, imagine in Tasks for each I have an item called “Clean”. Now, imagine a context called “@Home” that has those tasks. When viewing the @Home context, I see the following:

  • Clean

  • Project - Tasks

  • Clean

  • Project - Tasks

There’s no way to distinguish between those two items. If, however, the full path was displayed, I’d see:

  • Clean

  • Project - House:Living Room:Tasks

  • Clean

  • Project - House:Bedroom:Tasks

which gives me a whole lot more information about each task.

If there’s no way to do with with a custom perspective or preference, please consider this a feature request :-)


This is Mike again…

I know I can name each project with more information… something like “House Living Room Tasks” and “House Bedroom Tasks”, but why? That information is already present in the folder hierarchy.

thanks for any help.

I want to be able to do the same thing - did you find a solution or get an answer?

Yes, it’s possible now. I can’t find the setting in the Mac version of Omnifocus 3, but on the iPhone or iPad, if you edit a perspective, there’s an option to “Show project paths” in the “Presentation” settings for the perspective.

I hope that helps.

Thanks - yes I know it’s possible on the iPad or iPhone…just not on my Mac!

Is this coming to the Mac version as well?
I see the toggle on the iPhone version, but it would be even more helpful on my Mac.