Full Screen view on notes on iPad

I like the option in OF 2 on a Mac to expand a note so it occupies a large portion of a screen. Is there or will there be a way to do this in IOS with version 3? I note there are some old forum posting about expansion but haven’t noticed anything specifically about OF 3.


Obviously, there’s been no activity on this thread - not even an initial reply - but is there any likelihood that this will be addressed at all?

I love being able to track progress, details, etc. for tasks in notes that are right at hand when I’m reviewing the task, but the tiny sidebar view makes that pretty impractical. What are others doing? Are you linking OmniOutliner, or something else, to Omnifocus? Any suggestions or ideas anyone would be willing to share?



I keep a “workbook” file in Drafts app. usually in Taskpaper format for each project, I can add notes, quick small tasks etc. If its more larger or complex I create a “PWF” folder for each client and store related docs, screenshots etc in there just linking to it in OF.

I try to keep filing organised, each client has a folder in Dropbox, with a “Notes” folder at the top level where I keep archived notes, titled with a date stamp first then the subject. Each project such as a website, has a folder within the clients main folder with everything relevant to that project.

Each client is tagged in the contacts app nicname field which carries over into OF and Drafts as well as a smart mailbox in mail app.

Again in OF each active client has their own folder with a SAL, for recurring tasks, plus any active projects such as a coding or design work.

TBH the notes field in OF for me is just a place to link to other things.


I have waited for this to be fixed. Omnifocus is billed as an app with desktop functionally. Don’t thinks… Doing keyhole surgery on a note in the inspector is sub-optimal. Please fix this in OF4 - Thanks

While I have publicly stated I’d like more from Notes in OnniFocus I think this is a difficult one - because of the screen real estate and because other apps are better suited for all the things I want.

The most pragmatic method is indeed to point to eg a Drafts note via a URL.

I would like Notes support to “special case” a note which only contains a URL. For example a button being displayed in the Inspector or on the task list that opens the URL.

Pragmatically, I see this as an OmniFocus 4 thing - actually after the first release of OmniFocus 4. It would be - in my fever dream - one of several small optimisations of the user experience.

OF4 Beta (iOS) allows for notes to appear in line but there is not much change to the formatting abilities. If you really need/want to keep notes in OF they are better created elsewhere and cut and pasted in. If you do this with a mark-down file in preview mode rather than edit it retains formatting in OF

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I still prefer a URL - for this scenario. If it’s something you’re going to work on researching you’re not going to want to cut and paste each update.

(And my reference to OF4 was because that - and the Slack channel - is where the action is.)

Not sure I agree with you there. In that, real estate is precious, but think it can be used better for iPad OS. Take the OF3 for Mac solution, where notes appear both in the Inspector panel and the centre panel (by clicking on the note icon). Another possible solution would be to allow the Inspector panel (for iPad OS) to be dragged wider and incorporate them into a separate tab in the Inspector similar to iPhone IOS.

I am in agreement that OF should maintain its focus. I am pushing for better usability. There is legitimately some supporting information, which needs to be to hand such as an email . However more substantial project notes and documents should be kept in a notes app. I personally use ObsidianMD for this, from which I can paste Obsidian document URL links in to OF.

Yes, hopefully this issue can be addressed in OF4.

I am unsure what

OF4 Beta (iOS) allows for notes to appear in line

Exactly means. Is it it the same as the center panel icon note function for OF for Mac? If so brilliant! Mind you I wouldn’t be averse to using markdown in the fullness of time ;-)

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Pretty much but a lot more complexity as well icons abound and I actually hate it with a vengeance for a number of reasons. Effectively it’s an inline inspector and it actually caused me to quit OF over my issues with it.

Glad to hear that OF4 addresses these issues. Complexity! Yes everything looks easy at the macro level. As the lawyers say, “the devil is in the detail.” Hope you have found a new and exciting challenge.

Thank you, I am now a “Things” convert. Not so much room for fiddling and therefore procrastination not sure if that is a good or bad thing. 😀.

I think Things is a little too simplistic for me, but has a strong UI.

That’s what I thought the first time I tried to make it work, this time I completely deconstructed my system and embraced Things way of doing things. Don’t want to turn this into a commercial for Things but once I had checklists and headings they were very hard to do without. What was 3 separate projects in a folder could be handled by 1 project and some headings.

Likewise checklists replaced action groups but without the overhead of sub tasks appearing in perspectives where you did not really need to see them, again an example weekly Review is now a task with a checklist rather than a project…

Periodically, I totally switch to a completely new product for 6 months or so. I find that it shows flaws in both my thinking and setup… A change is as good as a rest and all that. The absence of checklists in OF seems to be universally voiced.

I do the same with Evernote and I am very happy with this construct. An enlargement of the note field would then lead to users wanting this and that, and in the end the field would have to be upgraded to a kind of MS Word. No, then the next user would come and ask for the embedding of Excel charts and tables in the document. Don’t forget the spelling correction. The next user will then be missing Visual Basic for Applications… :))
Higher price for Omnifocus, oh god, NO

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