Gantt for Tasks without OmniPlan

Sometimes I want to see a gantt overview of some of my tasks in OmniFocus, but I do not have got OmniPlan to do this. Therefore I wrote a small python script to convert a CSV export from OmniFocus to a SVG gantt diagram. If anyone might find this useful, here is the link:


I fixed some bugs and added some commandline options.

Wow! Thanks Hanaja! Looks exactly what I was wanting! Legend.

Hi, I think this is exactly what i have been looking for. I can add apple scripts to my omnifocus but not python scripts. I am not that good at programming. Can anyone help me in a step by step manner on how to implement this code for my omnifocus?

My use case for Gantt charts would be hours and minutes. Does your code support such granularity?

The use case is Mainframe batch window, in case you wondered.

No, unfortunately not. At the moment, only days are supported.

Hello darkangle,

the workflow is currently as follows:

  1. Export from OmniFocus as csv format (e. g. for a certain context or search)
  2. Run ofcsv2svg with python from command line
  3. Open generated svg document (e. g. with a browser like Firefox or Safari)

Maybe this could be automated with AppleScript, but this would be another peace of work.