Geo reminder iOS-app DUE tasks only

Hey, is it possible to define a geo reminder which only reminds due tasks? best regards, Thorsten

It’s not possible to have OmniFocus trigger a located-based notification only if a task is due soon (or overdue). Though, you could defer items that you don’t want to be notified about to a future date/time. If they’re not available when you show up in the geo-fenced area then you won’t be notified.

I hope this helps!


In addition to what @timstringer suggested, you could use a location-notifying due: supermarket tag (for example) that you only use on items with due dates (in conjunction with defer dates, perhaps). Actions that don’t have due dates could be tagged with a plain supermarket tag that doesn’t issue arriving or leaving notifications.

Regardless, it’s going to take a little working around to get what you want since it’s not an OmniFocus feature.

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thank you for your advices. im editing my tasks in the macOS app. I think it will be helpful when the “multiple-tag” version is released. So I can trigger tags for geo-notification with an -additional geotag-

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I’m not a power user of OF, however I use Location based reminders often. I always set them a defer date as I find this easier to manage for instance…I have geotagged in tags my grocery store, the hardware store, the mall, a specialty store, when I drive by these places up pops the reminder (only from defer date onward) If I have no task tagged with ‘grocery store’ then everything is quiet. On a busy day my wife may ask me to pick up a few things on my way home…I quickly add the task to ‘home/gocery store’ I defer it for today (mine defaults to 06:00). When I get to within a couple of blocks of the grocery store up pops the reminder…on that note If it is something I definately need to get that day I may hit Due (it makes no difference when the need is that day). However when i need something soon I may defer it for a couple of weeks and then when that day comes up I see it when I drive by.
I also geotag certain airports of Cities I have to go out on business for to meet with specific clients, as tasks come to my mind I add them to there project and tag the city i do not put a due date or a defer date, but when I arrive up pops all my reminnders. I’m still playing with it and if anyne reads this and has tips - by all means tip away.