Geographical Context OmniFocus 1 VS OmniFocus 2


I do not retrieve the function which allow to tell OmniFocus that a action element must be realized in a given geographical area ?

Can you help me to retrieve this function ?

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PS : This function was active in OmniFocus 1

From the OF2 Pro help file:

If you’ve used OmniFocus on your iPhone or iPad, you’re probably familiar using location-aware contexts. Context location data isn’t accessible in OmniFocus for Mac, but don’t worry—it’s safely preserved when you sync your OmniFocus data between devices.

I don’t recall being able to create or edit locations for contexts on OF v.1. Version 1 on the iPad allowed it, and so does version 2.

Yes I remember location-aware contexts, but I do not found (on OF2) how to modify/precise a already defined location … nor how to visualizes a map with all located action element …
Is the any documentation about those feature ?

Here’s the iPad documentation for how to configure locations for contexts:

Tks Lizard. It works better now …