Geolocation Alerts on iPhone 6+


I’m trying to determine if this is normal behavior or not…

I have a number of geofenced alerts setup on my 6+ and they work great.

Having said that, my question is should these alerts appear even if they’re not yet available to be completed.
For instance, every day when I get near work, I get an alert to load my weekly backup tapes (on Fridays).

I really just want to see that geofenced alert on Fridays when I get near work, not every day.
When I look at the task, it shows me that it’s not scheduled until Friday, (which is correct), and the due date is Friday before I leave at 4:45.

Does anyone else have this problem, shouldn’t the point of these alerts be to notify me as long as all of the conditions are correct…?


Just to clarify: does this task have a defer date set on it, so that it’s not available until Friday morning?


Yep, it does, in all fairness though, I am on iOS 9 beta 5 and watchOS beta 5.

Although, I seem to remember this from running iOS 8.4 though.