Getting constant push notifications for location based contexts that are complete [fixed]

I use location based contexts for location based errands. I have one for the grocery store and one for things I buy at Target.

I notice that even after I’ve checked off an item I still get notifcations for them after they are completed. Most recently, I noticed it also identifying the location of the task incorrectly.

I’m at the point now where I’m ready to turn off local notifications because it’s so horribly annoying to be driving along and get a notification on an already completed task.

Some more information about my setup.

iOS 8.1 on an iPhone 6
I have my context setup like this:
Errands : Grocery Store
Errands : Target

Target in my current position is about 3 miles away from me. I have it setup to notify at a medium distance.

Version 2.4.2 has been released today to fix this. However, it might not yet be available depending on where you are located.

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