Getting folder for an item in Shortcuts app

When finding items or projects in the Shortcuts app, is it possible to include their OF folder in a following output?

I was hoping to use the OF database object action, but I always get the error that the format is wrong. If anyone knows how to properly use it please share!


An OF ‘Item’ variable (task/action) provides several attributes (dates, note, flagged, etc), but not its containing folder, so you won’t be able to retrieve that purely in Shortcuts.

The ‘Get Database Object Result from Input’ is used to get an OF object variable corresponding to an internal database ID (the one used in the URL to the database item). For example, you have an important tag which you rely on in a Shortcut; instead of getting it by name using the ‘Find Tags’ shortcut action, it’s more reliable to get it based on its ID.

Below is an example of how to use it. Note that in the second ‘Add Item’ action, I’m getting the ‘Tag’ attribute (an object) of the variable returned by the first action.

Thank you @MultiDim for your response, the action works fine now.
When looking for projects, it’s possible to narrow the research to a specific folder, but I couldn’t refer to that same folder in a following text (no such variable was created). Using the Database Object action, I can finally do it and the shortcut is much more flexible for my use (creating a list in Drafts of current OF tasks and projects based on folder and tags).

(Credit goes to @bkruisdijk for the shortcut I modified for my use)

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