Getting locations in context

Can’t noodle through this one: I would like to see locations for a context that I set up called Shopping, and for example, if I know where I will be to do such, I can perhaps even see the location of the places that I want to shop. For example, In the context Shopping:

  • Get Michael Corr Bag in Doha: I see the location of MC shops there
  • Get iPAd Air 2 Back Cover: I see the location of Apple Stores wherever i am?

Something like that? Or am I way off base with locations in context? Seems like you can only enter “Info” “Note” or “Attachments” but not “Location”

Currently context locations can only have one geolocation. So you wouldn’t be able to assign multiple locations to one context.

From what I remember, assigning a location (GPS coordinates) to a context is available only on the iPhone because it has a GPS chip to create positions.

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Hi @herojig,

@wilsonng is correct that (A) a context can only have one location assigned, and (B) assigning a location to a context can only be done from an iOS device (the iPad works too). I think this documentation might be a little newer:

Because a context can only have one location, I personally have setup my contexts like this:

@Shopping : Target
@Shopping : Home Depot

That way something I need to get at Target gets assigned to the @Shopping : Target context, and same for Home Depot. Something that I can get anywhere (or at a random shop I don’t feel like creating a specific context for) gets assigned to @Shopping.

The benefit of this is two-fold:
• I can get location reminders for specific stores, &
• I can also view the @Shopping context to see everything assigned to it and its sub-contexts in one list.

Hope this helps!

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