Global search OO with Applescript

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Hi all.

I’m looking to do a “global search” of an OO document.

I found two scripts in the referenced thread, but neither works. The both end with an Applescript error. My very limited knowledge of Applescript doesn’t allow me to debug the scripts.

I am not even sure that the scripts would do what I’m looking for: the ability to search in the whole OO document, not just the part that is displayed in the “main window” (focused).

Ideally, I would also like to have a way to “remember” what my position in the document was so I could return to it after doing the search. (Could a script “store” a value (a row number maybe or something similar) that another script could access and use to restore the document to its original state???)

Can anyone help with this?

I"ve downloaded the OO Applescript bundle and searched in the forums here and on the Web, but couldn’t find what I’m looking for…


@M_ichel By chance, did you ever find a solution for searching the full OO document? Thanks!

Hi Jason.

Yes, yes. Got that. Thanks.

@M_ichel Any chance you’d be willing to share it?

This problem drives me crazy, too (re: global search). Thanks!